For your bedroom to look luxurious you should start with a neutral colour palette using light and natural colours for the walls and the big pieces of furniture

Simplicity is something you must have in mind when looking for an elegant look, and applying neutral tones is the best way to achieve luxury and elegance

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Interior design works as a balance of aesthetics and functionality, so It is important to leave enough space to
circulate comfortably and to avoid eye clutter 

Before buying your furniture, we recommend you make a floor plan with the exact measurements of your furniture.
If you need help with this, we have an in-house Design Studio team who will be happy to assist 

In case you are limited on space, consider adding furniture with hidden storage, like this, you will avoid eye cluttering. An appropriate furniture layout and circulation
are essential for a luxury and functional appearance

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Regardless of the style of your room, mirrors are a key element in achieving an elegant and luxurious look. Plus, they help make the space feel brighter and spacious 

A large-scale mirror elevates the appearance of the space and in many cases serves as a focal point. You can hang it or lean it against the wall to give it a more relaxed and contemporary look

To attract the eye, you can use a round or organically shaped mirror, or simply choose a large rectangular mirror with a classic or minimalist frame and place it against the wall

If your bedroom is small, a good tip is to place a mirror in an area that reflects a clear area or a window that reflects natural light. This will create the feeling of a spacious, clean and uncluttered place

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Lighting is the secret weapon to transforming a space from conventional to extraordinary 

If you are looking for a luxurious style, forget about having a single light source in the centre of the ceiling. Make sure to distribute and place several lighting points in the space

Opt for lamps with an aesthetic and a visual language appropriate to your style and decoration. Dare to mix shapes and colours 

Asymmetrical balance is the key to achieving a contemporary look

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We also offer a comprehensive architectural, planning and project management service for those customers looking for a handsfree and full turnkey solution.

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Looking for custom joinery and furniture? We provide quotes from from a simple sketch with dimensions through to more detailed design drawings. Available for UK, EU and International projects.

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