Contemporary Designer Rugs Sourced from Across Europe

Our range of modern rugs is sourced from all across Europe and features different unique styles that can add a brilliant level of elegance to your space. We have a stunning range of more simple and neutral rugs such as our Loop Creme rugs as well as more modern and abstract rugs such as our Delano rugs. Whatever rug you are after, you can be sure to find it here.

Each of our rugs is made from only the highest quality materials and has been carefully designed to elevate any interior. Each rug takes on the beautiful characteristics of its original region. Our Moroccan rugs feature stunning patterns that these stunning rugs are famous for and our Scandinavian rug incorporates the airy, bright and natural colours of the region.

Our rugs have not only been sourced from across Europe but as well as deep in the markets of the stunning Moroccan streets to find the highest quality pieces. We put an emphasis on the region's smaller producers to ensure that their stunning artistry does not go unnoticed.

Bespoke Furnishings Made To Your Exact Specifications

You will get the opportunity to work closely with our in-house team of designers to help create your dream furnishings. With them, you will finalise plans, material pallets, colour pallets and all other intricate details to ensure the end product is perfect. Whether you are after a bespoke sofa, cabinets, and any other furnishings, our designers will bring your dream to life.

Our signature Scandinavian style is just the start of our capabilities, we create contemporary interiors that are peaceful, natural and carefully composed.