Stunning Modern Modular Sofas

Frequently Asked Question

The Indor collection of sofas features a wide range of materials. The sofas also come in a variety of colours, from neutral tones to bold hues.

Numerous sofas offer the flexibility to tailor them to match personal tastes and requirements, with possibilities such as various materials, colors, and designs.

At Indor, we present an awe-inspiring array of modular sofas that transcends mere functionality. Our furniture is more than just decorative; each piece is a work of art that harmonizes seamlessly with the extraordinary interiors of your home.

The fusion of beauty and comfort is inherent in our Indor line of sofas and benches. Influenced by Scandinavian and Italian design, these exquisite pieces are the epitome of luxury and elegance, making them the ideal enhancement for any interior space. Unmatched in sophistication, they elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Our delightful furniture pieces are sourced ethically from various European regions, with a particular emphasis on Italy and Scandinavia. Meticulously designed, each piece contributes to creating a serene, luminous, and natural ambiance within your living space.

Explore our range of bespoke sofas tailored to perfectly complement your interior. Our team of exceptional designers collaborates with you to understand your preferences, allowing you to select pieces from our collection that resonate with you. Together, we delve into plans, material palettes, and other intricacies to craft furnishings that are a perfect match for your space. Our Scandinavian style, characterized by its fresh, natural, and neutral aesthetic, is well-suited for those who appreciate a timeless look. However, we also have a penchant for statement pieces that infuse vitality into any room. Our custom projects are available to customers in the UK, EU, and internationally. If you're contemplating a new interior design, explore our comprehensive interior design services here. These services seamlessly integrate all aspects of your home, both new and existing. Learn more about our interior design solutions here and receive personalised design expertise tailored to complement your new furnishings.