Stylish Floor Lamps Sourced From All Across Europe

Our unique range boasts some of the highest quality bespoke floor lamps designed to stand as statement pieces across any interior. We have stunning fixtures sculptured with Danish modernism from the 1940s to 1960s in mind such as the Bull floor lamp as well as other more contemporary floor lamps with tables as a stunning feature like the OZZ floor lamp.

All of our Indor furnishings are not only created using the highest quality materials but they are also created with style and functionality at the forefront. These lights can add a contemporary feel to any space and help to brighten up interiors, adding the perfect finishing touches to your home.

Each of our spectacular floor lamp light fixtures has been sourced from local smaller-scale operators across Europe and specifically the Italian and Scandinavian regions. None of our products come from a large production line, each piece has been through intricate and personal design processes.

Bespoke Floor Lamps To Help Brighten Your Interior

Our ingenious team of designers work closely with you to bring your dream furnishings to life. They will help you to finalise your plans, material pallets, and all other intricacies. Whether you are after a bespoke floor lamp, sofa or any other home furnishing, our design team is on hand to bring your vision to life.

Our signature Scandinavian style is just the start of our capabilities, we create contemporary interiors that are peaceful, natural and carefully composed.