Urban Jungle Sunrise | Wallpaper


- Sunrise Colour Pattern - The desire to live close to a raw and almost wild nature guides the interior decoration in a sustainable way. This surprising and original composition attracts the eye and offers a soothing feeling of well-being.

Need more than 6 strips? The last strip (strip "F") and the first strip (strip "A") being connectable, you can add a series of additional strips starting with strip "A" (strip "A" succeeding strip "F").

Dimensions & Materials 
(see product images for more information)
1 strip : 
H 2.70m x L 0.65m / 1.8 m2
Full pattern 6 strips
: H. 2.70m x L 3.90 m / 10.53 m2
Material: Wallpaper or Jet Tex Coated Canvas. (Screens can distort the perception of the colours. The final colours of the products can vary depending on the printed material.)


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