Sky III Panoramic Monochromic | Wallpaper


- Panoramic Sky Collection - With this collection of panoramic "sky" effect decors, inspired by traditional works painted on ceilings since the 16th century, the skies can now be displayed on the walls and ceilings of your own interiors.

- 4 different atmospheres available -
Bright : Natural, clear and fresh colours
Softened : Soft, faded and muted shades
Mystical : Dark, stormy, chiaroscuro shades
Monochromic : Sober, uniform and grey shades
All available in wallpaper, or coated canvas (ideal for wet rooms or high traffic areas).

- Composition - Need more than 6 strips? The last strip (strip "F") and the first strip (strip "A") being connectable, you can add a series of additional strips starting with strip "A" (strip "A" succeeding strip "F").

Dimensions & Materials 
(see product images for more information)
1 strip : 
H2700mm x L650mm / 1.8 m2
Full pattern 6 strips
: H2700mm x L3900mmm / 10.53 m2
Material: Wallpaper or Jet Tex Coated Canvas. (Screens can distort the perception of the colours. The final colours of the products can vary depending on the printed material.)

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