Sculpt Wall Art | Coffee

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Sculpt Wall Art questions the idea of traditional wall pictures, in the search for a new way to express artistic intentions. The pictures draw on inspiration from brutalistic design and concrete architecture as the main source of inspiration. Each piece is handmade from a sustainable concrete-like material of recycled newspapers, sand, and chalk powder, combining artistic work with sustainable production methods. 

Sculpt Wall Art comes in 3 different shapes and can easily be hanged on a wall with screw and brackets on the backside. 

Dimensions: (see images) Coffee Colour

Triangle Mini:
Height 52 cm x Depth 3/10 cm x Length 37,5 cm

Wave Mini:
Height 52 cm x Depth 10 cm x Length 37,5 cm

Face Mini:
Height 52 cm x Depth 10 cm x Length 37,5 cm

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