Isp | Wall Light

What is it ? A mystery ? An object from outer space ? From what period of history did it emerge? Which era ? Who could have invented such an object ?

These are the first questions that spring to mind when you see the ISP lamp, the work of a young ‘engineer-artist’. He’s 30 years old. His name is Ilia Potemine.

ISP is a mini-revolution in the lighting world. Aesthetically, it resembles nothing on earth.
It’s not inspired by any existing lamp, Nor is it a reproduction of some obscure design from a bygone era.

It is a resolutely contemporary object.
A jewel of a lamp that illuminates a mysterious universe.
At the same time it is a mechanical jewel, one that is encased in a simple brass capsule.

ISP makes us all masters of light: it has no switch, no dimmer.
From obscurity to light with a period of eclipse in between, our relationship to the object is itself part of the experience.

ISP switched off, eclipsed or lit-up, the object is… (It’s up to you to write the ending.)
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