Drop Bulp | Grey Chandelier


The Drop Series is a family of drop shaped lampshades, with great flexibility through adjustable lampshades. 

The lamp is inspired by Danish Modernism and the 1950s iconic and experimental approach to lamp design. 

The drop shaped lampshade ensures and optimises light diffusion, while the underside of brass gives the room a warm lighting. 

The Drop Pendant Bulb takes the extravagance from the chandelier version and creates a warm light that we here in Denmark refer to as “hygge”. 

The drop shaped lampshade can be adjusted in multiple different angles, enabling the user to create a specific and unique atmosphere.

Material Specifications

Lampshade: Opal Glass,

Pipes: Plated Metal

Does not comply with US Standards

Light source Socket: E14 - 230V.

Recommended Light Source: Philips LED Filament Tube - E14 4.5 W, Lightbulb Maximum Diameter: 3,5 cm

Suitable for rooms with a height of 230-320 cm.


Mini: H71 cm x W87 cm x Length: 100 cm

Regular: H91 cm x W120 cm x Length 155 cm.

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